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The Compliment

The Compliment

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Introducing “The Compliment,” a statement piece that brings positivity into your home. With bold typography, bright colors, and a variety of high-quality materials and sizes to choose from, we are confident this rug will bring a smile to you, your guests, and your feet. Handmade with the utmost care, “The Compliment” is designed to be machine washable, making it convenient and easy to clean. You look good, and your new rug will prove it! 

Choose Crystal Velvet for its smooth velvety texture, sheen appearance, and high durability. Terrific for high-traffic areas or around pets! 

Choose Imitation Cashmere for its delicate soft texture and matte appearance for a more relaxed aesthetic. Great for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere!


  • Available in Materials: Crystal Velvet or Imitation Cashmere
  • Available in Sizes: 23.62 inches x 31.50 inches, 31.50 inches x 39.37 inches, & 39.37 inches x 47.24 inches
  • Cleaning Type: Machine Washable 
  • Handmade


Kindly allow 10-20 days for delivery, we do not hold a lot of stock.

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