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The Tabby

The Tabby

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Stand on your favorite emoji with “The Eggplant.” This rug is made from high-quality polyester and thermoplastic rubber (TPR.) Polyester makes the rug soft and has excellent color-retaining properties. At the same time, the TPR provides enhanced grip and slip resistance, making this the perfect rug for a bathroom.

  • Material: Polyester
  • Available in Designs: Chill-Cat, Fraidy-Cat, & Fat-Cat
  • Available in Sizes: 15.75 inches x 23.62 inches, 15.75 inches x 47.24 inches, 19.69 inches x 31.50 inches, 19.69 inches x 47.24 inches, 19.69 inches x 62.99 inches, 23.62 inches x 35.43 inches, & 23.62 inches x 62.99 inches
  • Cleaning Type: Hand-wash


Kindly allow 10-20 days for delivery, we do not hold a lot of stock.

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