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The Fade

The Fade

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Embrace simplicity and artistic expression with “The Fade.” This organically shaped rug exhibits a gentle gradient that comes in a diverse range of colors. This rug’s minimalist design and soft colors make it perfect for those seeking to liven up their home without being too much of a distraction. “The Fade” is handmade from a combination of different materials known as blend to achieve a soft, thick texture, vibrant, lasting color, and excellent durability. Transform the floors of your home into a canvas of expression with “The Fade.” 


  • Material: Custom Blend
  • Available in Sizes: 47.24 inches x 62.99 inches, 55.12 inches x 78.74 inches, & 62.99 inches x 90.55 inches
  • Available in Colors: Bright Yellow, Gray, Beige, Gray Green, Yellow Green, Blue, Fruit Green, Orange, Lake Green, Lake Blue, Warm Yellow, Cute Pink, & Pink
  • Cleaning Type: Hand Wash
  • Handmade


Kindly allow 10-20 days for delivery, we do not hold a lot of stock.

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